• Release the value in your client data

  • It allows you to feature various items

    100,000’s opportunities at your fingertips

  • Prepare pitches in minutes, not days

  • Transform the client experience and convert more deals

  • Develop the best ‘thought leaders’ in the market

    Generating insight and digitising the corporate banker


    100,000’s of opportunities and
    ideas at your fingertips


    Auto generated opportunity and
    conversation insights for every company

    Account Planning

    Data driven account plans

    Meeting Prep

    Prepare for client meetings in
    minutes…not days

    Client Meetings

    Transform your client pitches
    with data, digital and interactive analysis


    Automated pitch books, account
    plans and credit reports in seconds

    Professional Development

    Lift your bankers and advisors to
    be the best in the market

    Greenwich Review

    Coalition Greenwich rates i2i Logic as ‘Best of Breed’ in digital enablement tools

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    Improving your market presence and reducing your cost base

    i2i Logic puts data and analytics into the hands of your front line and your clients – driving faster deal progression and cross sell.

    Bankers and advisors can plan and prepare in minutes, without analyst support – allowing them to support more clients.

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    What our clients are saying

    Benchmarking is unbelievable.
    Quick and broad.

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    This information would take days to pull together!

    Coverage Relationship Manager

    Relationship Managers appear more knowledgeable with clients. The ability to drill into client pain points and propose solutions is a differentiating factor.

    Relationship Manager

    The i2i Platform reduces the research time per client, giving us more time to focus on other deliverables.

    Transactional Banker

    i2i Logic enhances our dialogue with clients.

    Global Client Coverage

    The possibility of showing the client the real impact of any product or project dynamically, differentiates our bank.

    Global Transactional Banking

    The i2i Platform replaces manual analysis and shortens meetings preparation.

    Coverage Analyst

    Faster credit analysis, faster pitch documents

    Trade & Supply Chain Banker

    This [platform] drove a rich conversation and action for the customer to consider in regard to their business.

    Commercial Bank Relationship Manager

    Focusses attention on areas which will generate ideas/insights/conversation.

    FX Sales

    FX module great for outlining the impact FX has on their metrics.

    FX Sales

    deep working capital analysis capability

    Trade & Supply Chain Banker

    It provides quick and near real-time insights into the financial health of our companies in the context of the industries, markets etc. that they are operating in.

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    The platform allows us to build trust and become a trusted advisor and partner.

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    Saves time

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    With a significant amount of information in one place I can see myself having the platform open while preparing a credit

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    Creates a 'credit' focused mindset and learning

    Head of Credit Analytics

    Richer analysis and planning of opportunities across banking and product partners.

    FX Sales

    Peer analysis is invaluable to illustrate to the customer how they differ from their peers.

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    Provides great factual insight for the bank and the clients world.

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    it empowers a Coverage Banker to engage more strategically.

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    Able to cut through directly to specific data points that can drive the opportunity.

    Bank Executive

    Gave great insight into parts of the organisation under analysis.

    Transaction Banking Sales

    Speed and accuracy of the data is very useful. The visual graphs are powerful.

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    This information would take days to pull together

    Institutional Relationship Manager

    Showing the client the real impact of any product or project dynamically differentiates our bank

    Transaction Banking Sales

    It enhances our dialogue with clients

    Global Client Coverage

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